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by David

Blowing the Whistle on a Corrupt and Unethical Industry

David Pascoe, author of the bestselling book “Australian Property Investment Scams EXPOSED!” is helping to prevent real-life financial tragedies for many property investors by warning Australians of the existing scams that are rampant in the property investment industry. These scams tend to mask themselves as information & education seminars, financial service groups and advisors. These scammers are the smoke and mirrors of property marketing and spruiking companies promising to boost your real estate investment portfolio by offering the best real estate investments in the world.

The Australian residential property market is worth about $7 trillion, which makes it worth more than the stock market, managed investment funds, superannuation and the insurance industries combined. But despite the massive financial impact it has on Australian property investors and the economy, it is still not regulated. This fact financially destroys Australian families daily, which is one of the reasons why this book expose is so valuable.

The book outlines the tactics commonly used to trick mum-and-dad investors into spending their hard-earned money in hopes of increasing their wealth and sustaining a financial future for their children and retirement. The property investment industry has countless unethical and corrupt hardcore, high-pressure sales-driven real estate companies and organisations that are only interested in profit and not the client’s best interests.

Real estate companies with integrity are hard to find, and David has now made it his mission to protect Australian property investors from the unethical and corrupt scams that the industry is producing. After spending over five years dealing with numerous property investment marketers and spruikers around Australia, his first-hand experience of what they were doing has motivated him to write this book. His book is a go-to guide for anyone looking to invest in the Australian residential property market, who is sceptical, uneducated or naïve to what’s going on in the industry. The book is useful as a property investment guide, and it contains lots of property investment ideas to treat with caution.

The best property investment companies in Australia will welcome this book and it doesn’t matter if you are making a small property investment or a large one, having vital information like this could save you a fortune.

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