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Trusted Supply Partners

by David

The whole process of purchasing a property investment can be a very daunting experience filled with confusion, doubt, stress, worry and concerns if you don’t have the right people and partners involved that can help you through it. At Buy Australian Property Investments, we have teamed up and partnered with some of Australia’s most respected and trusted business brands that are ready to help you through the property investment journey.

Our Trusted Supply Partners are just that, people and companies that we trust, that we know and that our clients have a track record with and consistently use to navigate the property investment market with confidence and success.

All these Trusted Supply Partners are qualified and independent business owners and operators and Buy Australian Property Investments DOES NOT own or have any financial interest or control in these companies. Also, we DO NOT take any rebates, kickbacks, hidden or secret commissions or payments from them, so you can deal with them with complete peace of mind and confidence and know that they are working for you and have your best interests at heart.

We have a range of Trusted Supply Partners across Australia that can assist you with:

Finance & Mortgage Brokers


Financial Planning

Lawyers & Solicitors


Insurance Agents

Credit Repairs

Bookkeeping & Budgeting

SMSF Set Up Structures

Tax Depreciation

Property Management

Real Estate Agents

Building Inspections

Pest Inspections

Our Trusted Property Suppliers are members and accredited with the below leading Australian industry associations.

If you interested in discussing or getting the details of one of the Buy Australian Property Investments Trusted Supply Partners, then please call us on 1300 99 44 17 or email us at david@buyaustralianproperty.com.au and we help you find a suitable partner with whom you can work.