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What Are The Best Real Estate Investment Strategies For Beginners?

by David Pascoe

It’s well-known that real estate is one of the best ways to build wealth for families all across Australia. Even during economic uncertainty, property values tend to hold reasonably well. While they may decrease, those slowdowns tend to be temporary. Ultimately, everybody needs a place to live, which tends to put upward pressure on prices. Many investors have built wealth, starting with real estate investment strategies for beginners.

Erroneously, many people believe that real estate investing is for the wealthy. After all, property prices are out of reach for many Australians, and if getting a home for yourself is tough, surely investing in an extra one must be even more difficult! While this line of thinking might sound logical, it’s not entirely correct. With the right real estate investment strategies for beginners, you can start building wealth!

What Are These Real Estate Investment Strategies For Beginners?

If you are starting these types of investments, you’re going to need a plan moving forward that will allow you to build wealth progressively through real estate. Unfortunately, this industry has a lot of potential pitfalls and problems, so if you want to get investing in real estate, here are three strategies to try.

Quick Flip

We’ve all seen house flipping shows. One beginning strategy that people can try is the “quick flip.” Essentially, the idea is that you find a home on the market that requires minimal upgrades (perhaps a new coat of paint, and a new floor). You can buy that home with little money down, fix it up cheaply, and flip it for a profit. If you do enough of these in succession, you’ll quickly build up some capital for other strategies.

Buy And Rent

This strategy is one of the classic real estate investment strategies for beginners in which you buy a property (strata properties are famous for this) and rent it out. Assuming you have a mortgage, the renter pays the mortgage plus a little profit. In the meantime, you build equity in the home which you can use to buy more properties should you desire. 

Buy For Airbnb

Assuming your jurisdiction allows Airbnb, another quick way to build real estate wealth is to purchase the property for listing on Airbnb. Depending on the location of the home, Airbnb can sometimes make significantly more money than listing it on the rental market.

With Airbnb, many people worry about the time needed to maintain the rental. However, there are professional companies out there that will manage everything for you – listing, cleaning, and giving the guests the house key. By hiring one of those companies, you can passively earn money from your investment.

Find A Trusted Property Partner

With these real estate investment strategies for beginners, you will be able to build wealth the same way countless Australians have done so before you – through the power of real estate.

It’s imperative to find a trusted property partner to find the best deals and navigate the potential complexities of real estate. At Australian Property Investments, we strive to be that partner. If you’re looking at getting into real estate, there’s no better time than now. Let us see how we can help you build wealth through real estate!

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