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Looking after your clients should be the number 1 goal

by David Pascoe

How do you build a huge business? By looking after your current clients of course. It sounds so basic & simple, but many businesses are struggling to grasp this basic concept, let alone do it.

Personally, I find now, that in 2018 that client service is thing of the past and most businesses don’t give a flying frog about their existing clients, which totally amazes and disturbs me at the same time. From buying a coffee, ordering lunch, buying something online or God forbid ringing a bank for help, the servicing of clients just doesn’t seem to rate anymore.

So many businesses these days are just trying to focus on getting new customers through a plethora of advertising mediums, especially social media platforms like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat to name a few. Now getting new clients is a great idea to build your business but what about your current clients?

Have you forgotten about them? So many businesses these days are sitting on millions of dollars in potential sales that could be simply obtained by just tapping into their current clients and servicing them in a professional manner.

Here are some basic ideas that work:

  1. Contact your current clients and thank them – email, phone, sms or even post a card
  2. Contact your current clients and re-engage with them for no reason at all
  3. Send your current clients a little present – doesn’t have to be much
  4. Ask your current clients for a referral – family and friends are the best
  5. Throw a party for your current clients and ask them to bring a friend along
  6. Send your current clients a coffee or meal voucher

You will be amazed at the results.

Do you know that its easier to get a current client to purchase again, refer a family or friend then to try and get new clients? This is true for all types of business including the professional service businesses and the property investment industry as well. So maybe your number 1 goal in business should be to focus on current clients and service them like crazy.

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