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60 Minutes of total Crap!

by David Pascoe

Well what can I say about the recent doomsday report except for that was “60 minutes of total crap”!

I normally don’t watch TV or read newspapers (except the Financial Review for business matters) and have not done so for the last 15 years because generally its all crap and negative rubbish which I can do without. Who needs to fill up each day with loads of negative stories from all over the world about death, drugs, rape, murder, disasters, certainly not me.

However, a few Sundays ago I was told about the 60 minutes story on residential property and the 40% plus drop that’s coming in the next 12 months in Australia. So, I thought I would sit down with my Dad, grab a glass of wine and have a good chuckle.

Well was I surprised, like the rest of Australia was, at the complete bullshit reporting that 60 minutes put on. I have never seen such bad, one sided, unethical display of journalism in my entire life, Kerry Packer would be turning in his grave screaming. Firstly, some of the so-called experts were actually “hacks” in my opinion and not even qualified to be on the show reporting about the state of residential property market. I later found out that some “real” experts didn’t make it to the show, isn’t that interesting, I wonder why?

Secondly the way story was cut and pasted to completely distort the real thoughts, facts and opinions of the people on the show was even more interesting.

I wonder who gave the order to create, manipulate and run this kind of one-sided inaccurate story? It must have come from somebody high up the chain and very important as they wanted to put the chill in everyone’s spine and fill them full of fear when it comes to residential property in Australia. And I think it worked.

The property investment industry in Australia has had a long reputation as being one of the most stable, reserved, steady, strong and reliable forms of investment for the last 200 years so to believe anything else is just plain silly.

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